About Us

Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, we at Finesse Auto Detailing provide tailored services to suit your needs: from maintenance wash to professional full paint correction and cars of any size. 

We treat your cars like our own which means setting high standards while putting customer services as top priority.

We use the latest equipments and the best products on the market, from manufacturers such as Auto Glym and Chemical Guys. Also using the best waxes and hydrophobic scratch resistant coatings ensures that you drive your car away feeling like you have bought a brand new car. 


Why use detailing service?

Regular detailing will retain valuable benefits for your vehicle from classic cars to daily drivers. 

Detailing your car will make your car cleaner than you've ever seen it before. 

We get all the dirt out of every pore and crevice and adding a protective coat of wax, and condition the interior to give it a longer life.  

We give your vehicle the right care and attention so that it still maintains the resale value of your vehicle. 


Car detailing

At Finesse Auto Detailing, we use professional methods of cleaning, washing, preserving, correcting paint defects and retain all the original qualities of interior and exterior of your vehicle. 


We use the finest tools which gives precision, accuracy and reach to all parts of your vehicle.

Detailing involves specialist techniques & skills to bring your car back to factory finish.